Empowering 1:1 Sessions to Bring Alignment to Mind, Body & Soul

I don't believe in a 'one size fits all' model; We are all unique with different needs. That is why I have learned and studied a variety of modalities, and tailor my sessions to the individual. As a multifaceted guide, I use many different tools such as breathwork, guided journeying, intuitive movement & stretching, embodiment practises, Emotional Freedom Technique, and intuitive support. I have faith in these tools and I can't wait to share them with you.


My Books are closed until further notice. 

Embodiment Sessions

1:1 sessions are designed to bring you back into your body and soothe the nervous system. I guide and teach you the wisdom of your emotions, how to safely feel them and how to listen to the messages of your body so it can become your guide, all in a safe space. Sessions are tailored individually and can incorporate conscious, embodied, practices such as breath work, trauma release exercises, guided meditation, EFT and various movement practices. Each session will be different depending on what is needed in the moment. Sessions can be received in person or remotely. 

Intuitive Support

Intuitive support sessions give you a safe space to be held and heard. If you have been struggling with an issue or area of your life, we can talk and find safe and effective ways to move forward with clarity and ease. Sessions are strictly private and confidential and may include some guided meditation or other practice to help support the work we do together if you are comfortable with it. Sessions can be received in person or remotely. 

“True freedom exists only when we can be brutally honest with ourselves and allow our feelings to be felt. When we accept our emotions and whatever the body is communicating, without aversion, we connect to our inner compass and begin walking the path home.”

~ Leila Kimiai-Nia

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