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It is important to me that I share information that has helped me on my own personal healing journey. These courses and events will help empower and inspire you on your journey. 


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Nourish: A six week journey of exploring and healing your relationship with food, gaining insight into the impact food has on your relationship with yourself and your life, with practical tools and systems to help you move forward with true joy and nourishment.

Nourishment is Key

Many of us are disconnected from our body. There is a lot of confusion about which foods are right for our individual needs, due to conditioning and learned behaviours picked up from a heavily saturated society obsessed with appearance and diet culture. One of the biggest disconnection catalysts we have as humans is focusing on the way we look rather than the way we feel. This translates into our relationship with food and we can begin to manifest a distorted relationship with it. Most people on the planet, at some point in their lives, will have a distorted relationship with food. Distorted eating is any relationship and behaviour towards food that promotes or harbours any fear, shame, guilt, obsession, scarcity or denial. All of these distortions take us away from what our relationship to food was designed to be; nourishing. 

How did we get so far away from this simple, wholesome concept that so many of us struggle to apply? Trauma, emotional and nervous system dysregulation and believing others' perspectives over learning to listen to our own unique compass, has encouraged us to tune out. We have learned to disconnect. 

When we don’t love the way we look, we control our food. When we control our food with restrictions, we can keep ourselves small. When we overindulge, we can experience feelings of disgust or guilt that can play into the shame we may already be carrying. Our body eventually learns to distrust us. It is a cycle of disconnection, dysregulation and of dysfunction. This is no way to live. It robs us of joy. When we feel ashamed of our physical body it can hold us back in life tremendously.

This is why we have created Nourish. We endeavour to bridge the disconnection gap and want to help you re-establish a healthy relationship with food and reconnect with your body. We want to help you explore your patterns and behaviours around food in a safe and non-judgemental environment and help you unravel. With our unique, tried and tested tools we are here to support you and help re-introduce you to your body and find true nourishment, inside and out.

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