Community Support

Allowing yourself to be supported is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, and community connection is so important! Please find below a number of ways you can be supported by community groups and other healers and guides who are on this Earth in service to the awakening of humanity. 

Upcoming Retreats With Friends

Take a look at upcoming retreats I will be a part of in 2023! Click on the pics to be taken to their website for more info. Whether you want to experience Yoga and Pilates, Nature Connection, or you feel the call to dive deep into your Spiritual Journey with Plant medicines and Indigenous teachings and wisdom, there will be something for you, below.

Anthar Kharana UK Retreats

Join Anthar as he comes to the UK from Colombia, to explore the mysteries of the Wheel of Life through traditional Tabaco and Fire ceremonies as well as exploring the power of voice, stories, music, movement, ceremony, ancient dances and practices.

The Refresh Day Retreat - Kula Spirit Retreats

Join a host of senior teachers for total immersion of body awareness. Alongside Yoga and Pilates to restore balance and alignment, the offering of ceremony & inner work will provide a safe space for healing.

The Restore Snowdonia  - Kula Spirit Retreats

Join us for a nourishing break away indulging in movement, meditation, gentle breath work and nature. Spend the week off-grid understanding the elements of earth, wind, fire and water served with a side of nutritious plant-based cuisine surrounded by the mountains of Snowdonia.

The Reset Suffolk - Kula Spirit Retreats

Join us for a week of connection; to your body, your breath, and to each other.

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