Leila Kimiai-Nia

Food Alchemist • Retreat Chef • Natural healing & wellness enthusiast • Cold water lover

I started my healing journey unconsciously, many years ago when I first went vegan. Cutting out foods that I didn't realise were detrimental to my health, helped me to examine my body and understand how it responded to what I put in it. 

After noticing a host of physical issues and ailments from years of not taking care of myself, I started to understand there was an emotional root cause behind all of my issues, and that the usual avenues of 'getting well' did not ever address the root cause, because after some time, the issue would always return. This led me to working with natural and herbal medicines to treat my issues, with more success than the conventional methods I'd tried.

My journey in understanding myself and the vessel I lived in was mind blowing. I found new ways of listening to my body in ways that I hadn't been able to before. My first experience with massage, and many since, had me in floods of tears and years later I realised my physical sensitivities were a gift in being able to understand that I was letting go of trauma from my body. Before, I used to ignore the pain and opt for easy coping mechanisms such as alcohol, to disassociate from what my body was trying to communicate. Now I realise most of the pain I felt had something for me to learn. 

Years worth of unresolved trauma and unprocessed emotions lived in all facets of my mind, body and energy field and I was on a mission to let it all go. I became a qualified Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner which was a journey that opened many doors and new dimensions of healing and learning for me. I studied my body through movement, meditation, yoga, breathwork, EFT, using food medicinally and experimenting with different detoxes and cleanses and most importantly, I developed a relationship and a trust in my body, which allows me to listen to what it needs.

Being present with my emotions and feelings, and using the gifts of nature as tools to move through them, have been an integral part of the path that led me to where I am now. Without being present with my emotions, I would never have overcome the many addictions I had, changed my relationship with food and my body, or created a life of joy and freedom. I now guide and teach you to be able to do the same.

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