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“True freedom exists only when we can be brutally honest with ourselves and allow our feelings to be felt. When we accept our emotions and whatever the body is communicating, without aversion, we connect to our inner compass and begin walking the path home.” 

― Leila Kimiai-Nia

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I'm Leila and I have a passion for helping others to reconnect with their bodies in a way that inspires forward movement in life.

After years of living with addictions and distorted eating, I made radical shifts in healing after an awakening that changed my perspectives on life as I knew it. After working through my issues, I began helping others to do the same, creating safe, trauma-informed spaces for people to meet themselves on a whole new level.

Using an array of tools and support systems, with a focus on holistic health, my work encourages nervous system and emotional healing to open the way for more joy and freedom.

Lean more about my embodiment journey here

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